Best hairstyles for short hair

Are you in need for inspiration for a short haircut? Your hair is already short and you are looking for a change in style? Here you have some cute short hairstyles and haircuts, both feminine and practical and, above all, with tons of personality:

Minimal bang

This haircut frames and reveal the face, while at the same time adding plenty of style and to your look. Fashionable and flattering, it will highlight the eyes and generally hold a softening effect on the features. The fringe can be kept as short as possible, always in accordance to the forehead: don't overdo if you have a fairly spacey one! Wear the minimal bang polished and slicked down for a classy effect, or textured up in a punk, undone look for added fun and a touch of audacity

Short and feisty


If you really want to bring attention to your face, best thing to do is to cut the hair right down to bare essential. In order to keep the choice of different styling though, you may want to opt for a defined short line with soft graduation along the back and the sides, but hair kept a bit longer towards the top. This will add volume and also give the opportunity to play around with different styling options. The short and feisty haircut is best matched with a bold, solid colour like bright red.

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Asymmetrical short crop

Unique and distinctive, the asymmetrical short crop is still a favourite short hairstyle. Strong of its double personality, this haircut offers the sweet and feminine side, as well as the bold and feisty one, in the same look. It can be enhanced by soft and delicate tones, ash blond for instance, or trendy pastels. Also, you can create additional contrast by leaving the neatly short back in a darker shade, while using a lighter tone for the longer parts.

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