Best hairstyles for long hair in 2014

For your long hair, let yourself be inspired by the fabulous catwalk looks, for hairstyles in 2014 which are truly fashion-forward.

Strong back into fashion this season is definitely the braid. In particular, why not try the sleek side braid, completed with a solid colour, soft large hair band for extra neatness. It is easy to make and a brilliant solution for the hair that has not been washed recently. A complement to any evening style, this side braid will be also perfect to add that elegant touch to your everyday looks.

Another seasonal hit, again super sleek and simple to realize, is the low ponytail. An absolute must this summer, the low ponytail is a subtle style that will reveal your feature and keep your hair perfectly in place.

If you have healthy, shiny locks, simply wear them over the shoulder and twist to one side to reveal your features. A look that is both casual and elegant, heavily relying on the sheer quality of your hair. If it has been freshly shampooed, you may need a drop of natural oil to sleek hair down to its usual splendour.

Another super easy look, perfect for that effortlessly chic so in vogue nowadays, is the loose down-do with crooked centre-parting. This is a laid-back favourite of the off-duty models, and will make you look comfortable and at easy with yourself, in any occasion.

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On the opposite side of the spectrum, if your hair is curly and unruly, now it's the time to take advantage of such features and go for retro, ultra feminine waves with a twist. Try this voluminous down-do by curling up your hair in tiny spirals first, than brushing them out and lastly t back-combing them into place. Fierce and awesome.


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