5 Best Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners can sometimes be hit a miss; you can spend a fortune on one pair that won't do the job for your hair, and often these can't be returned in some retail stores. To help you out, we've selected 5 of the best hair straighteners across the range, based on price and quality.

Top 5 Best Hair Straighteners to Buy

Remington S6500 Sleek and Curl

Retailing at a very affordable £39.99, the Remington sleek and curl has curved plates perfect for straightener and curling hair. They're ideal for most hair types and, because of the curved plates, it also allows you to mix your style between straight and slightly curled, rather than just one look or the other.

Cloud 9

One of the most expensive on our list of best hair straighteners, the Cloud 9 model retails at £129 from most stores. However, some of the biggest styling names weild this 6-heat option frizz eliminating wonder, such as James Brown, Lisa Sheperd and Richard Ward. Their ceramic plating design allows allows for a super-glossy finish and reduces heat damage compared to other leading products.

Babyliss Pro

For anyone who has thick or Afro-Carribean hair, the Babyliss Pro are the best hair straighteners on the market, retailing at a generous £45. The thick plates allow for whooping curls our simply help easily tame thick, unruly hair, providing much better results than the average thin plates on most designs.

Nicky Clarke Short Hairstyle

The cheapest straighteners in our list are the Nicky Clarke Short Hairstyle range, at £17.99. Though not the most technically impressive, their short plates make these ideal for short hair and fringes.


Still on the top list of the best hair straighteners at the GHDs. They take seconds to heat up and last for years with super stylish results. The lastest edition from GHD is the deluxe scarlett gift set, priced at £149, and comes with a handy travel hair dryer in a clutch case.

Price vs Quality

Generally, most the best hair straighteners improve on quality with the price. However, if you want to best results from your straighteners you should know what kind of hair you have and what would be most effective for your hair. If you have bleached hair, for example, buying a £100+ set of hair straighteners with the highest heat settings on the market won't be ideal. You should always talk to a professional hair stylist who can provide the perfect recommendation for your hair type.

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