Best hair colours for pale skin

Finding the best colour for your skin tone can be challenging. In order not to make it a matter of trial and error, there are some basic rules that can help us finding the best matching hair colour for our complexion.

First of all, it helps to determine what tone of skin you have. Even if you can define your skin as pale, there are different nuances.

If your complexion is light and clear and it has a golden yellow or peach tone, you have freckles and a tendency to blush easily, and your eyes are from light blue to green, possibly with golden spots:

The best match for your type would be light warm colours such golden blonde, flaxen, honey blonde, golden brown, light red tones like copper, golden red or strawberry blonde. These are perfect for playing up and enhancing the colour of your eyes. You may also want to try warm light to medium brown tones, just much sure the tone is not too dark, and try and avoid ashen tones.

If your skin tends to a soft pink with a bluish to violet undertone, your eyes are blue to green, or brown eyes with glints of blue, grey or green:

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The best nuances for your type are based on ashen tones, from blonde to brown: ash blonde, ash brown or platinum blonde are your colours. In order to make these colours a little more lively, you may want to create highlights with silvery or platinum blonde streaks, or streaks in one or two shades darker. Careful with the red tones: red hair colour for your type of complexion should be of a bluish hugh, like mauve or bordeaux. Better avoid nuances of mahogany, copper or golden blonde because they would clash with your complexion and end up adding you years.


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