Best Places to Buy Hair Clippers

Determining the best places to buy hair clippers depends on how much you would like to spend and whether you need them for professional or personal use. There are a wide range of electric hair clippers on the market today. The range begins with cheap consumer units that can be adjusted to the required length of cut, to professional units that have added thermal insulation to prevent them from overheating through prolonged use.

Top brands like Wahl, Remington, Babyliss, Phillips and Vidal Sassoon provide consumers with equipment that bridge the gap between the professional stylist’s equipment and the equipment you can use at home.


The Wahl range includes corded and cordless clippers. One of the top corded clippers is the powerful and durable Icon. Its rust resistant chrome plated blades can be adjusted with a thumb lever to alter the taper and texture of the cut without changing the blade. The cordless range includes the Lithium Ion Pro with a battery level indicator and maintenance level indicator, to show when the blades need oiling. With a 45 minute quick recharge that allows for 75 minutes of use, this one is aimed at professionals.


As Wahl’s range is focussed on professionals, it could be out of reach for some consumers, so Phillips is a good alternative. Their range is not as comprehensive as Wahl, but they produce adjustable hair clippers that are readily available to consumers.


Babyliss are known for producing dryers and hair straighteners for woman, but their range for men includes a clipper. The Super Clipper can cut grades 1 to 8 and be used through mains electricity or cordless.

Final Word

The best places to buy hair clippers depends on the quality of hair clipper you require. Professional standard equipment, like those sold by Wahl, have to be bought from wholesalers, but mass manufacturer equipment from electrical brands can be bought in the high street or online.

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