Best acrylic nail designs for ladies

Every woman loves to pamper herself in style with a beautiful,wit a well created manicure. To accentuate the beauty and style of your nails, sometimes it's great to resort to an expert for the creation of personalised acrylic nail designs.


If you have never tried them, this is a good time to start for there are many talented artists out there and their creativity is without limits. In fact, the sophistication reached acrylic nail art is something never experienced before, so even if are an expert in the field there are always so many new trends and ideas to get inspiration from!

Your nails can truly be turned into amazing art that will reflect your personality and fashion taste. You can even have a go and learn out to realise your own acrylic nail designs with the aid of several step by step tutorials available online.

Choose great quality nail polishes, lacquers and top coat – names like Lippmann nail lacquers, Essie, OPI, CND Shellac, Rescue Beauty, and Perfect Pink are some of the experts' favourites.

From marine themes to cartoon characters, there are millions of designs to choose from, but if you want quality inspiration, take a look at what we have found:

In this website by a talented British nail artist you will find tones of inspirations, with detailed reviews of products used for each designs. And the designs are not only original and innovative, but extremely tasteful and full of class. We loved the creativity and taste displayed in her design using Original Sugar – 3D Nail Gems.

PHOTO GALLERY: Ideas for your nails

On the same stylish tone is the work shown at http://igviewer.com/noemihk by this beautiful Californian lady who creates and realises professional acrylic nail designs for true passion. Check out her Polka Dot Mani design or her Tope Mani with Marine Chic and Golden Riviera.

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