The best UK beauty pageants in 2014

Today, beauty pageants are no longer seen as an American craze, so you won’t be surprised to read that there will be lots of beauty pageants in 2014. They are a nice way of celebrating beauty and a way for girls to build confidence in themselves. Making friends and having fun are just as important as winning.

Miss Inspiration

This is a competition that’s open to anyone over the age of 6. Although the event is scheduled to take place at the Lysaghts Institute, in Newport, Wales on Saturday July 5, entries are accepted from across the UK. The event is divided into different categories depending on age. The Little Miss category is for 6-12 year olds, Miss Teen caters for those who are 13-17 years old and Miss Inspiration covers anyone aged between 18 and 29. Miss Inspiration Women is the only other category. It covers married women or those over 30, so everyone regardless of age can get involved with Miss Inspiration.

Miss Earth

Miss Earth is one of the top UK beauty pageants taking place in 2014. The title is clearly a reminder of Miss World with the twist being an eco-theme. Miss Earth winners wear crowns made from recycled precious metals including 14kt gold and sterling silver. This year's 8th Annual United Kingdom Grand Final Crowning and Award Ceremony offers the winners a trip of a lifetime to the Philippines where they'll represent Britain and Ireland in one of the world's top 3 most prestigious beauty pageants and take on over 100 nations for a coveted global beauty pageant crown.

Final word

Beauty pageants in 2014 aren't going to be as commonplace as they are in the United States where it's part of the culture, but they're catching on and becoming a brilliant way for girls of all ages to express themselves, make friends, have fun and build confidence.

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