Beauticians to be banned from injecting dermal fillers

Despite their increasing popularity and wide availability the use of dermal fillers still remains poorly monitored. Injectable fillers are often administered by beauty therapists who do not have any medical background, but incredibly there are no formal regulation regarding non surgical procedures, yet.

Following an independent review led by NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh, which highlighted the many problems of the highly unregulated beauty industry, therapists not holding a formal qualification and properly trained will be banned from offering injectable wrinkle treatments.

The main problem outlined by the review was the poor aftercare offered by practitioners, because of lack of knowledge on how to treat minor to severe adverse reactions. The fact that therapists have the ability to inject substances under the skin correctly does not imply they can also deal with complications. This pushed the NHS to act fast in trying to regulate the market.

"All too often we hear of cases that shine a light on poor practices in the cosmetic surgery industry," revealed Keogh "I am concerned that some practitioners who are giving non-surgical treatments may not have had any appropriate training whatsoever. This leaves people exposed to unreasonable risks, and possibly permanent damage.” Also adding “Our research has shown that the public expect procedures that are so widely available to be safe, whereas they are largely unregulated.There is a clear need for better quality, recognised training for the people performing these operations.”

The BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) agreed with Keogh decision to toughen the law on dermal fillers procedures as they might cause serious problems such as bruising, swelling and even skin necrosis, if not handled by doctors. "It is known that dermal fillers have a physiological effect on skin — such as stimulating the production of collagen, and many of them also contain local anaesthetic. These factors make these substances, in essence, a medicine."

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