BB, CC and DD creams: The differences

You’ve all heard and wondered about BB, CC and just recently DD creams, but do you the know what these acronyms mean, and the differences between the three types?

At the beginning there was only the BB Cream, which stands for blemish balm, blemish base, or beauty balm, and in 2011 and 2012 it became the hottest product in skincare thanks to its popularity in Asia.

BB creams can save time on your skincare regime, because they replace five or six products, so they also save money.

This all-in-one cream is a moisturizer, a primer, a foundation, a sunblock and an anti-ageing serum.

It is a tinted moisturiser that gives you a good base for make-up, like a primer, it evens out skin tone and covers imperfections and redness. It hydrates your skin, brightens your complexion and has SPF so it also protects against the sun's harmful rays, and contains anti-ageing ingredients.

After BB came CC, which means Colour Control or Colour Correction.

CC creams are basically BB creams with all the active ingredients and benefits, but CC creams are more advanced and refined version of the previous BB, and offers more of everything: more skin coverage, more moisturizing properties, and on the plus size they also repair skin damage and are lighter in texture.

The latest in the alphabet creams, is the DD which means "Daily Defense” or “Dynamic Do-all” and some even call it “Disguised and Diminished”.

This type of cream also mixes skincare and make-up, with the same benefits of BB and CC creams.

Initially DD’s were supposedly said to be a complete head-to-toe product, and were previously described as "heavy duty body and foot creams," that could even fight even stretch marks, but so far there are very few products that have hit the market, like Julep (which is more widely known for their nail polishes), who recently launched a cream with two anti-aging ingredients.

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