Battery farmed chickens get a celebrity roasting

Channel 4's brand new season has kicked off, aiming to alter the nation's eating habits. The gloves are off and a tread softly approach has been replaced with shock tactics all round. Serving up a combination of celebrity chefs with a cause to promote, it will certainly make for interesting viewing.

On the menu is Jamie Oliver's one off Fowl Dinners, which sees battery farming grilled.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, will also be uncovering the truth about industrial chicken production in the aptly named Chicken Run. The programme we'll definitely be watching (from safely behind the sofa or through half closed eyes) is Eat Yourself To Death. The infamous anatomist Gunther von Hagens will be conducting a human dissection to show  what happens to the body on a poor diet, highlighting the effects of obesity.

We're sure the food shock season will be a ratings winner and its certainly a timely subject with the turkey season around the corner...

(Image: Gordon Ramsay)

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