Bath Salts: the ultimate relaxation experience

Winter is here and so the harsh weather. Rain, cold wind, indoor heating cause inevitable damage to our skin and body. The days are shorter and the lack of sun light combined with a very demanding job contribute to increase our stress level. The most effective way to relax is to have a good long soak in the tub, but adding a few handfuls of soothing bath salts in it, would definitely work the magic.

Bath salts have been around for centuries and have countless beneficial properties for body, mind and soul. It might sound like an overrated statement, but this remedy can make wonders for our health: bath salts can be used to distend muscles, reduce swellings at the limbs, improve overall relaxation and sleeping pattern, they can ease cold and flu symptoms, they can cure dry skin and some forms of dermatitis and even heal cuts and bruises.

There are different types of bath salts, but most of them have a common characteristic, they are obtained from evaporated sea water, which contains plenty of therapeutic minerals and healing properties. Bath salts are then enriched with different ingredients that add further healthful benefits to the product, such as plant extracts, natural oils and fragrances to add a touch of aromatherapy to our soothing soak.

For your ultimate relaxation experience we have selected our favourite five bath salts, and because it's almost Christmas, why not pick one as a present for your BBF, your mum or even your boss, they can make wonders on his/her mood!

1. For your Eco-warrior Friend: Organic English Lavender Spa Bath Salts, £12.25, PHB Ethical Beauty (www.phbethicalbeauty.co.uk). A handcrafted, organic product containing Dead Sea Salt, English Epsom Salt and Organic Lavender to nourish, replenish skin, heal and soothe muscles and help to relax and unwind. Contains no chemicals, it is not tested on animals and is certified for Vegans. A great present for nature loving friends.

2. For your Mum: Arnica Soothing Muscle Soak, £35.95, The Organic Pharmacy (www.theorganicpharmacy.com). Spread a handful in the tub and soak in a muscle relaxing bath to soothe general aches and pains. Infused with Sea Salt, Arnica, Ginger, Sunflower Oil, Wintergreen and Eucalyptus. Great after gardening or long chores.

3. For your Boss: Seamoss Stress Relieving Hydrosoak, £19.00, Molton Brown (www.moltonbrown.co.uk). The small crystals melts into the water turning it a blue-green colour and leaving a wonderful aroma on the skin. Marine extracts with Dead Sea salts and horse chestnut revitalise, refresh and de-stress body and mind. To soothe your boss after being late, again!

4. For the Busy One: Relax Bath Salts, £20.00, Erbaviva (www.apostleonline.co.uk). Added to hot water provides the ultimate relaxing and restorative tool for body and soul. A blend of Epsom salt and sea salt enriched with safflower oil, vitamin E, lavender, rose, geranium and neroli. All organic ingredients to reward the busy bee and all her entire family.

5. For Yourself: Lazy Days wild hand-harvested seaweed bath, £18.00 or £16.00 online, VOYA (www.voya.ie). Organic hand-cut seaweed combined with Dead Sea salt to repair, soothe and moisturise the skin, and also an excellent anti-ageing and anti-cellulite product. Perfect to prepare yourself for the party season and to impress that someone...

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