BareMinerals makeup for a natural look

Several years ago, liquid foundation was still the standard choice when applying makeup. However, this type of cosmetic product apparently clogs pores causing skin breakouts and zits. Enter BareMinerals and the craze for natural makeup began. This was in 1994, when Leslie Blodgett founded BareMinerals, a line of mineral-based cosmetics. Today, the original Bare Escentuals which made the first mineral-based makeup has been reworked with luscious colours to suit the modern woman seeking coverage and a natural look.

What it does for the skin

BareMinerals certify their makeup line is made from pure, natural ingredients that won’t sit on your skin, clog pores and create build up which can cause skin problems. There are no parabens and other harmful ingredients which affect sensitive skins. In addition, because it is mineral-based, it is lighter to wear making your appearance more natural looking. They even promote the brand as 'good enough to sleep in' which means it will cause less to no damage on the skin even when worn while sleeping.

  • The line

Foundation was the primary cosmetic product of BareMinerals. The Original SPF 15 Foundation has plenty of delightful shades of colour and the Mineral Veil Finishing Powder is another best seller to complete the look. You can also purchase Get Started Kits for the complexion, eyes, face, and lips. From primers, concealers, brighteners, blush and eyeshadow palettes to mascara, lip gloss, liners, lipstick and brushes, you’ll find everything you need for your beauty makeover. Other products that could be of interest include skincare formulations, moisturisers and facial serum. The skincare collection includes products to cleanse, tone, and moisturise the face. There’s even a line for sun care products as well as bronzers. You’ll also be able to address problems of acne, uneven pores, ageing, wrinkles, and many more with other BareMinerals products. Full details of product range can be found at their website, www.bareminerals.co.uk.

Feeling pretty

Yes, BareMinerals might just be the answer to your cosmetics issues and skin problems. If you’re looking for ways to improve your makeup this is one brand to think about. It has been in the business long enough to give it credibility and while it may not be for everyone, it is popular because it offers an alternative to those who want to appear naturally pretty.

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