Bare chic

The NHS hasn't been blessed with good news this week, but at least the hospital gowns are getting the recognition they deserve. London-based American designer Ben de Lissi's specially designed NHS hospital gowns have been shortlisted for this year's Brit Insurance Designs of the Year Awards.

Described by the Telegraph as the 'design world Oscars', the design award is highly coveted and this year's contenders come from a wide range of industries. De Lissi's gown is competing with the iPad and Dyson's Air Multiplier Fan (we're not really sure what that is but it sounds technical and important so it must be good).

The gown is designed to solve the age-old problem of 'bare bottom syndrome', and needless to say it is much more stylish. De Lissi says: 'This project isn't about glamour, it's about well-being. This gown has to be hard-working and user-friendly and help clinicians to do their job - without costing the NHS more money'. The good news is that you don't need to go to hospital to see the gown for yourself, as all the entries will be on display at the Design Museum in London from February 16th.

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