Bang bang bang on the door baby

Olfactory glands were aquiver last night as Marc Jacobs launched his new men’s fragrance at Harvey Nichols in London.

The scent, called Bang, is Jacob’s first fragrance for men in over ten years. We have no idea what it smells like (our invitation to the party seemed to have gone astray), but if it’s anything like his previous bottles of liquid ecstasy then men all over the world should be throwing slow-mo high-fives and fighting their way to the perfume counter as we type.

The ad campaign features Marc himself, wearing nothing but a giant bottle of Bang.

He told Vogue.co.uk 'I wasn't nervous at all - I keep in shape and go the gym a lot anyway so, no, I didn't have to do much preparing. I've been working out forever. I take pride in grooming.'

Celebrity guests including Kate Moss, Mischa Barton and Pixie Lott, were served mini-burgers and mini-fish n chips at the party, which perhaps accounts for Mr Jacob’s fine physique. Miniature playfood – the latest trend in fad diets. You heard it hear first.

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