How to deal with a bad haircut

Lots of us look over old photographs of ourselves and laugh at our bad haircuts that seemed so trendy at the time. However, if you're stuck with a bad haircut in the present, it's rarely a laughing matter. Here are some top tips to help your deal with the stresses of bad tresses!

1. Keep calm and carry on

You hate your new haircut, but remember that it's just hair - it grows back. If it didn't, you wouldn't need to get your hair cut in the first place. That's not to say that we don't understand the trauma of ending up with a bad haircut, but it's important to keep in mind that the changes are only temporary. So there's no use in over-reacting or locking yourself away for three months!

2. Give yourself time to adapt

Sometimes when we get a dramatic change to our hair, we instantly think that it's just not "me" and hate it. However, giving yourself a few days to get used to it could dramatically change your opinion. Try to forget about what you're used to and what your styles were like previously, and concentrate on whether or not this haircut looks good on you now.

3. Try a new style

It might not be the cut that you don't like - it could be the style. Experiment with different partings, wearing your hair up in different ways, or perhaps curling or straightening in a new way. The chances are that you'll find a style that suits the cut and makes you look fab.

4. Be honest with your hairdresser

If you've given yourself a few days to get used to the cut and experimented with different styles but you still hate it, it's time to go back to your hairdresser. If you think that your hairdresser did a bad job with your hair, try another one and explain exactly what happened. If you are confident with your hairdresser and feel that this bad haircut was a one off, go back to them and explain. They'll usually offer another cut for free.

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