Back to Black (and pink) for Winehouse

Fred Perry and Amy Winehouse don't immediately seem natural bedfellows; one was a debonair gentleman tennis player, the other a hell raising, potty mouthed diva. But the two have come together (though Fred more in spirit) as Amy has put down her vodka bottle, picked up her sewing kit and designed a collection.

According to the chirpy spokesperson at Fred Perry: 'Collars are most definitely raised and ready for action. And yet for every tomboy twist there's a deeply feminine twirl...it's Amy all over - sharp, clever, sexy, lots of attitude - but stays true to the Fred Perry aesthetic and unrivalled heritage.'

Winehouse said: 'I’m really excited about this collection. We’ve been working on it for a while and it’s great to see it finally come to fruition.'

Oh come on, as if Amy actually used the word 'fruition'. Three syllable words aside though, we're excited too...

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