Back tattoos as a beauty statement

The back is a popular place to put tattoos because there is a larger space for the artist to work on. It's also a convenient area because you can flaunt your back tattoos or hide them if you don't want to expose them. Small or big, unique or common designs, back tattoos help define your personality and express your creative side.

Back tattoo as self-expression of art

Any part of the body can be inked including getting fabulous back tattoos. Bear in mind that it will hurt like any other tattoo and they are permanent. Tattoo removal is just as painful as the tattoo itself, so think carefully before submitting your body to pain.

The categories for back tattoos are plenty from animals and flowers to tribal and fantasy designs. Before skin piercings, there are several considerations to think of such as:

1. Location of tattoo

The lower back is the popular place for getting back tattoos. As a form of body part, it is an enticing spot and looks alluring. However, due to the "tramp stamp" label, lower back tattoos are declining in popularity. For women, a less controversial place to put the mark is on the upper back. Note that the pain may be different because a larger area is involved and the spine is located there.

2. Use of epidurals

There is concern whether epidurals should be used on the back since it can actually enter into the bloodstream and the spine. Although there are studies which show these are not harmful, it is up to the clinician to decide whether anaesthesia should be used or not.

3. Educate yourself

Pain is a given factor when doing body tattoos although everyone has different levels of tolerance to it. Inform yourself well of the procedure before doing the tattoo. Talk to the tattoo artist, visit the centre before the actual day, and check out reviews before doing it. You can also compare prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your money.

Caring for your back tattoos

Back tattoos are nice and look attractive. They make women look appealing and sexy. However, like any skin piercings, they must be taken care of to ensure the intensity of their colours is maintained and no infection occurs. Follow after care instructions advised by your tattoo artist such as applying ointment, keeping away from sunlight until fully healed and so on. Your back tattoos might also need to be touched up after some time or once they start to fade.

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