Avoid fatal side effects of plastic surgery

Surgeons in the UK perform thousands of plastic surgery each year for both cosmetic and medical purposes. As such, there are certain risks associated with plastic surgery procedures. Hence, having plastic surgery or not is something you cannot just decide overnight. You have to carefully weigh the considerations and the risks involved because the effects of plastic surgery gone wrong are devastating and can even lead to deaths. We tell you important things to consider before taking the plunge to go under the knife.

What to consider

So you elected to have plastic surgery whether it’s to improve your looks or to correct a flaw based on medical grounds. Now it is time to do a lot of homework before finally putting yourself on that operating table. The after or side effects of plastic surgery that has gone wrong can be quite devastating and sometimes even fatal resulting to deaths.

  • Accreditation

One of the first things you have to make sure is that surgeons and anaesthesiologists are properly accredited. In the US, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is the accrediting body for qualified and competent surgeons whilst in the UK by the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS). Competent and qualified surgeons receive extensive training so they can perform the tasks at hand.

Equally, it is vital that facilities where surgery is going to take place be accredited. This also means you have to check out the type and kind of facilities that are available in the hospital or clinic where you are going to go including post-operative care. If you are not capable of doing this, let a friend or a relative assess the facilities if you are having surgery based on medical grounds.

  • Board certification and credentials

The best surgeons to work on you are those who have the proper educational background, extensive training and experience. It is crucial that they be board certified by the correct regulatory bodies. Therefore, credentials of surgeons are very important. Ask for them and accredited plastic surgeons will be happy to show their certification, training and even awards.

  • What can go wrong

Like any other medical procedures, risks exist when going through plastic surgery. You might experience undesirable effects such as pain, allergies, infection or nerve damage. In some cases, the results are not what were expected leading to further loss of confidence or even depression. Disfigurement on the face can also occur. In short, even though surgery is carried out with the very best intentions, something can still go wrong which is beyond the control of the surgeon.

Talk to your GP

To avoid cases where plastic surgery has gone wrong, it is also crucial to talk to your GP who might be able to point you in the right direction. Whilst your doctor will be mostly concerned about your health, they will be able to pinpoint if you are the right candidate for a plastic surgery.

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