Average British woman discards £26 worth of unwanted Christmas beauty presents

Dear men, you'd better have kept the receipt of your costly presents, as nine out of ten British women are about to chuck their unwanted beauty gifts in the bin. As bad as it sounds, when the ladies are not pleased with a product, it doesn't matter the value of it, they're ready to throw it away, rather than use it.

According to a recent survey by Blanx(the teeth-whitening brand) £676million of unwanted birthdays and Christmas beauty presents will be discarded by unhappy women. At least two gifts of the average value of £26 will be thrown away and one in five British women admitted to have disposed of even more freebies, reaching the shameful amount of £60 worth of products.

The reasons behind this ungrateful behaviour are several: it might be the wrong shade of lipstick or the wrong fragrance. When it comes to beauty products women are very loyal to a specific brand and type and are not willing to compromise or try out different alternatives.

Louise Marks, Brand manager for Blanx, has revealed that women "very rarely choose a new beauty product based on a recommendation from others and choose their make-up and other beauty essentials out of habit, loyalty and, most importantly, because it has had a positive result for them in the past. Men need to be aware that it is easy to get it wrong when buying beauty products for their ladies at Christmas and British women are not scared of being ruthless when it comes to their beauty regime."

If you want a good advice from us, men, the best way to keep a woman happy is to give her what she really wants: next time you feel generous take your missus out and make her choose a gift herself. It might be less romantic than surprising her, but at least you'll be sure of the results. Or hand her your plastic card, it always works!

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