Aromatherapy in the UK

Now we're all aware that the Sex Pistols chased after the corporate dollar years ago, shedding their reputation and ability to claim they were anarchists along the way. After all, Johnny Rotten now happily advertises Anchor butter, and hangs out with fellow D-listers in the Aussie outback. However, never in our wildest dreams of capitalism and selling out did we imagine they would attempt to flog their own perfume.

Advertising execs told Perez Hilton, 'To wear this scent, you must resist tradition, fight conformity, and disregard aromatic conventions. In the spirit of punk, you must be willing to express yourself with abandon. You take risks and you wouldn't be adverse to creating a little mayhem.'

Disregard aromatic convention? We fear this may be advertising code for 'you don't mind smelling of wee'. Next up: Jamie Oliver selling his own scent reminiscent of the finest fish pie...

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