Are you Mr Forgetful?

Would you actually leave your head behind if it wasn't stuck to your shoulders? Do you leave half of your shopping at the checkout in the supermarket? Turn up for interviews a day late? Well as Michael Jackson put it, you are not alone.

A shared ability to get distracted and forget things easily has resulted in the foundation of the Association for Distracted People. Founded in Sweden, the association champions absent-minded people the world over. It looks on forgetfulness as something to be proud of. Here, here. Certified members are issued with an official diploma of forgetfulness, a welcome addition to any CV.

The association highlights that absent-mindedness and genius often go hand in hand citing the example of Einstein. The story goes that Mr E=mc2 was travelling on a train in Germany when the conductor entered the carriage. Einstein couldn't find his ticket.
“Oh, but I recognize you, of course, Dr. Einstein,” the conductor said. "Don’t worry about the ticket. You can travel for free." “Thank you," replied Einstein. "But if I don´t find my ticket I won't know where to get off the train.”

So you too, like us, are probably a Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting style genius If we could only remember where we put our slippers are in the morning.

Check out www.distractedpeople.com

(Image from Death by colour's flickr stream

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