How to apply foundation

Do you know how to apply foundation correctly? You've probably never put too much thought into it -after all, it seems so simple - but the right technique can really make a huge difference to your complexion and skin tone. This guide offers some practical advice to applying foundation or tinted moisturiser.

How to apply foundation

1. First, consider whether your skin would benefit from a base layer or primer. If your complexion and skin tone are good, there's no need to add extra products. However, blotchy, uneven or oily skin can really benefit from a good primer. This will help to even your skintone and keep the foundation looking good for longer.

2. We recommend that you use your fingertips rather than a sponge or brush to apply foundation. This gives a more natural finish, plus brushes and sponges can harbour spot-causing bacteria.

3. The trick to even, natural coverage is to keep in mind that concealer is meant to improve skin tone, not coverage blemishes (this is achieved by concealer). It's therefore a good idea to use as lightweight a foundation and as little of the product as possible. You can always build up coverage by adding more if you think you would benefit from it.

4. Start by applying a little foundation to the centre of your chin, then blend in light, circular motion towards your lipline and jawline.

5. Add a dot to the centre of your nose and blend out towards your cheeks.

6. Apply a dot to your inner cheek and blend, in circular motions, towards you ears and hairline.

7. Apply to the centre of your forward and blend outwards towards your hairline, using light circular motions.

8. Take a closer look at the foundation and your skin tone. Do you need to apply more foundation to give an even coverage?

9. Take a little moisturiser and blend away any lines in the foundation. Apply the moisturiser around your jawline and hairline to give a more natural fade.

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