How to apply eyeshadow

The great thing about eyeshadow is that you can use it to create totally different looks in a flash. From natural eyes to smoky eyes and everything in between, eyeshadow can add a flash of colour or emphasise your peepers. Whatever colours you're using, the best technique to apply eyeshadow is almost always the same.

The tools

To apply eyeshadow well, you'll need the right tools for the job. You'll need three different shades or colours: a light one, a medium one and a dark one. If you're new to the world of eye make up, stick to three shades of the same colour at first. Once you build up confidence you can experiment by adding in more colours. You'll also need an eye shadow sponge and an eye shadow brush.

The technique

The best time to apply eye shadow is after you've applied eyeliner and before you apply eyeliner. The conventional wisdom is that you should apply eye make up before you apply the rest of your make up, as you're more likely to make a mistake or need to clean up eye make up than you are with face make up.

Start with the lightest colour. Using one side of the eye make up sponge, apply it in gentle strokes to the inner corner of your eye.

Using the other side of the eye make up sponge, apply the medium colour to the rest of your lid, extending it slightly above the crease from the centre of your eye lid to the outer corner of your eye.

Then apply the darkest eyeshadow using the brush. The aim is to create a "V" in the outer corner of your eye, along your lash line and up towards your brow bone above the crease of your outer eye. Apply this is a motion like a windscreen wiper.

Finally, blend all the colours together with a clean brush.

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