How to apply concealer

The secret to celebrities' flawless skin is often a good make up artist. You can achieve the same look at home with a little practice and the right tools. This guide will teach you how to apply concealer like a pro!

You should apply conceal after applying foundation or tinted moisturiser.

How to apply concealer to the eyes

People often neglect eye concealer, but it's one of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve younger and healthier looking skin. If you aren't wearing any eyeshadow, apply a little yellow coloured concealer to the eye lid. Start from the inner corner and sweep it to the outer corner, covering your lid and just above the crease. This will cover any discolouration and make your eyes look more awake.

Your under eye concealer should be different to the one you use to cover spots and blemishes: under eye concealers should be light reflecting while other concealers should be matte. If you have dark bags under your eyes, use a heavier concealer before applying a light reflecting one. Apply with a soft concealer brush then blend lightly with your ring finger.

How to apply concealer to blemishes

The best way to achieve a natural finish is to apply concealer in gradual layers, blending as you go. Applying a large dot and trying to blend it can result in a caked look.

It's a good idea to invest in a concealer palette so that you can mix to create a colour that's right for your skin tone and the particular blemish that you want to cover.

Remember that you won't be able to cover pimples, and piling on concealer can make your skin look ever worse. When you apply concealer, the aim is to conceal the colour of the blemish.

Green-tinged concealers are good for covering up patches of inflamed or reddened skin - just remember to blend well so you don't look ill!

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