How to apply bronzer

Many girls believe that bronzer is just a substitute for blusher. This isn't the case. You'll get far more out of your bronzer if you use it for contouring and defining rather than just adding colour to you cheeks. This guide will help you to apply bronzer like a pro!

The two types of bronzer

Bronzer comes in a huge range of colours, from deep brown to light peach. However there are essentially two types: matte bronzer and shimmering bronzer.

Matte bronzer is the type you need for contouring, while shimmering bronzer can be used for highlighting. For best results, choose a shimmering bronzer according to your skin tone - paler skins should stick to golden colours while darker skins suit bronzes.

How to apply bronzer for contouring

For the best results, apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks before you apply the bronzer. The matte bronzer is applied to a different area of your cheeks - suck in your cheeks to make a "fish face" and note where the natural shadows fall. This is the area that you should apply bronzer to as it will give the appearance of more defined cheekbones. The bronzer should be in a line from roughly half way across your cheeks and up towards the centre of your ear.

You can also use bronzer to give the appearance of a slimmer nose - apply in two straight lines down the length of either side of your nose, leaving a gap of about 0.5cm in between.

How to apply bronzer for highlighting

Highlighting bronzer should be applied on your cheek and brow bones to create glowing, sun-kissed skin. As with contouring bronzer, blend carefully to ensure that there are no tell-tale lines.

Add a straight streak of bonzer down the middle of your nose to make it appear thinner and straighter.

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