Is apple essential oil good for you?

There is some truth to the popular saying that an 'apple a day keeps the doctor away.' The fruit has many health benefits and those who love aromatherapy are in for a real treat, for apple essential oil does not only smell good, but at the same time, cures a lot more than dry skin problems.

The wonders of apple essential oil

1. How apple essential oil is extracted

Technically speaking, the fruit does not produce essential oils, but when combined with other oils make a magical combination. Although the pips of the apple can be toxic when eaten in large amounts, milled seeds produce valuable essence. The peelings of the apple fruit are also used for other skin care and beauty products.

2. Benefits

  • Scientific research has shown that apple essential oil derived from the seeds has high concentrations of unsaturated and fatty acids. It is also rich in nutrients. It has powerful antioxidant properties to combat cancerous growths of cells and other diseases.
  • The distinct smell of the apple is also known as an appetite suppressant. Research indicates that sniffing the fruit is an effective method to control appetite. You can make decent choices when eating. In other words, you won’t go on food binges or graze while watching TV or are inactive. Using apple essential oil for aromatherapy plays on your sensory perceptions sending signals to the brain to quell those enormous hunger pangs.
  • For other beauty uses, apple essential is great for hydrating or moisturising the skin. Use a couple of drops in the bath and you’ll see the difference when you use these essential oils.
  • Apple essential oil also relieves itchiness and soothes irritated skin. It serves as a wonderful balm to help dry skin problems.

Product variations

To sum it up, apple essential oil is good for your overall well-being improving skin conditions and is a fabulous source of important nutrients. It is used as a component in different skin care products such as body soap, moisturiser, lotion, bath oil, lipstick, reed diffuser, and body balm. Why not try using one of these products and see the difference it makes on your skin, health, appetite and even mood?

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