The best anti-aging face masks

Anti-aging face masks are the perfect synthesis of day-to-day skin treatment and the cutting edge of anti-aging science. Normally, masks are used purely for cleaning and and exfoliation, however, combining them with anti-aging functions makes perfect sense! Here we look at how these masks can benefit you and suggest some of the best options on the market.

How do anti-aging face masks work, and why should I use one?

The mask itself is a paste or a cream that is spread generously onto the face where it releases beneficial vitamins and minerals directly into the skin. Also, as the mask tightens, it helps the skin find a more youthful look by smoothing out wrinkles.

Experts now think that anti-aging creams are far more effective at reducing the signs of aging than any of the creams, serums and gels out there! Quite nifty, really!

Since they contain collagen and are deep cleansers, anti-aging face masks only have to be used once or twice a week to achieve great results. This makes them more cost effective than the majority of anti-aging skincare product.

How do I achieve optimum results?

All face masks work differently - some are applied to dry skin, some are applied to wet; some are left on for 30 minutes while others are left on for two. Always read the product guidelines and follow the instructions on the package.

What are the best anti-aging face masks available?

Here are the one's you should be looking out for. Any one of the anti-aging masks below will have your face feeling fresher and younger in a matter of weeks!

The best anti-aging face masks

  • Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask - £46 for 50ml
  • Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque - £35 for 75ml
  • Chanel's Hydramax + Active Moisture Mask - £36 for 75ml
  • Darphin Youthful Radiance Camellia Mask - £38 for 75ml
  • Yves Saint Lauren’s 'Lisse Expert Esthetic' - £45 for kit
  • Anti-Ageing Face Mask From Indige - £40 for 50ml

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