Another day, another Scientology rant from Tom

Religion. Not a topic we usually discuss on StyledLife, but thanks to celebrities and their love of promoting their latest trends/fads/beliefs - whatever they may be - we are exposed to a plethora of sometimes amusing, sometimes random behaviour.

Remember Kabbalah? That's taken a back seat at the moment while Scientology scoops the limelight.

And there's no one quite like Tom Cruise for causing a stir. Following his first revealed rant, he's now done it again - this time about psychiatry.

In the latest outburst, which was on YouTube before being hastily removed, he says: "We actually have an easier time getting people off heroin and methadone than these psychiatric drugs, and I've worked very diligently to educate people about this. We have the ability to be able to fight drug companies to be able to crush these guys."

He then adds: "Oh, I'm going hard on those guys, and their reign - psychiatrists. I've had, I mean, I've absolutely had it. It's disgusting to me. No mercy - none. Psychiatry doesn't work. When you study the effects, it's a crime against humanity."

The other A list Scientologist, John Travolta, has now decided to step in to try and calm the storm by praising Tom for speaking about his beliefs. Which, it must be said, we do agree with after all freedom of speech is everything.

What we want to know is when Britney Spears will jump on the bandwagon? Maybe she should join an Amish community - that would certainly give her even more ink in the tabloids...

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