Try Amy Childs salon

Amy Childs, the successful reality star and entrepreneur has done it again with the Amy Childs salon. The luxurious beauty salon is a great place to relax and unwind. Childs' business success continues with this venture. In fact, 'The Only Way is Essex' star is one of the richest on the show with an estimated worth of £1.5 million.

Beauty treatments and more

Located on Wilsons Corner, Ingrave Rd, Brentwood, the Amy Childs salon is open from Mondays to Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm. The salon offers many types of services that you would expect from a high quality beauty parlour.

  • Services

- ‘Crystal Clear Facials’

- Nail Treatments by OPLCND

- Nail Harmony

- Bio Sculpture

- Waxing Hair Brows

- Nouveau A-lift facial

- Vajazzies

- Spray Tans

- Soprano Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

In short, you can get services for the hands, feet, face and body as well as fabulous Amy Childs Packages. In addition to the above treatments, you can also buy products from Amy Childs’ tanning range, eyelashes, gift boxes, nail polish, perfume, calendars and many more.

  • Prices

10% discounts are offered every Tuesday and Wednesday. There is also a price list that you can download at the Amy Childs website, amychildsofficial.co.uk. For example, a full body spray tan will cost you £25 while the 2-hour Essex Package which consists of a glam makeup, strip lather, hands and feet makeover is priced at £85. You can get a lip filler for £180, facial peels (four weekly treatments) for £400 and a full body massage for £50. Prices are more than reasonable you will enjoy a day of pampering at the Amy Childs Salon.

Pampering everyone

Whether you want to just get your nails done for a party or need a non-surgical eye bag removal, the Amy Childs salon is your one stop shop for all your beauty needs. Under 13s also have the possibility to get their nails done just for fun or beauty facials which will make an adorable treat for any young girl.

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