All fur coat and no knickers

While the A-list stars of the Brits managed to look groomed and sleek (give or take a couple of garish wigs) it was the D-listers at the after parties who really let the side down. The Saturdays in particular will be hanging their heads in shame today, and not just because of their hideous hangovers...

Mollie King (the blonde one) tripped and fell, according to the Daily Mail 'grabbing blindly at her bandmates to save herself.'

Mollie, however, looked a paragon of elegance in comparison to fellow Saturday Vanessa White, who thanks to a total lack of underwear, will now be a firm Nuts magazine favourite. Who hasn't attempted the ever demure look of sheer mesh dress teamed with no bra?

Elsewhere, Pixie Geldof must have heard that ditching your lingerie is a sure fire way to hit the headlines, turning up to the Universal bash at London's Mandarin Oriental hotel in a lace dress showing her pants. Pure class...

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