Alicia Douvall nails 14th boob job

Danny Dyer suffers for his art by going ginger and bald; Alicia Douvall suffers for her art by having her boobs enlarged.

Douvall has had her boobs pumped up for the 14th time after a previous botched job left them bumpy and unsightly. "My last boob job was a disaster. One of the implants left my chest really lumpy, so I needed to sort it out" she told The Sun. Alicia is aware that more surgery will probably 'be the death of her', but is going ahead regardless. In a soundbite reminiscent of 50 Cent album 'Get Rich or Die Trying' Douvall says "I know it will kill me. But I'd rather die trying to sort things out." Is Alicia a big boob explosion waiting to happen? Alicia, two words: Lola Ferrari....

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