Alexa's favourite stylist

Alexa Chung has been rather quiet of late, and now we know why. Not only did Alexa split up with her boyfriend of four years, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, but she's also bagged herself a new show, in the form of the Heidi Klum-esque '24 hour Catwalk'. This means that once again, Chung is ditching us Brits, and heading back to New York, where she has lost no time in spending thousands decking out her new Lower East side apartment in fashionable fripperies. Alexa, the 'unstylable style maven' has discovered that she loves interior design, and has signed up the top stylist in the game, Christopher Niquet, to help her out.

Niquet told fashionista.com, 'It’s great with Alexa because she doesn’t need to spend any money at all on clothes – no, I think she gets it all for free! I was at a shoot with her recently and she took like a trunk home full of clothes and I said, is this normal? And she said, yeah pretty much. But anyway, she doesn’t have to spend very much on clothes so she can spend more on furniture. Alexa’s is very Ladurée, you know. Very Marie Antoinette.'

Christopher is crossing his fingers that Alexa's new show works out, we imagine so she keeps spending thousands on his interiors. He said, 'I hope she stays. The British have enough cute It Girls over there. We need her here!'

Alexa's new show airs in September, and the fashionable Hampshire it-girl will be crossing her fingers that it doesn't end a la MTV's 'It's on with Alexa Chung'.

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