Alexa Chung teams up with Eyeko for limited edition makeup collection

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The beautiful and eclectic Alexa Chung is releasing her first makeup collection with Eyeko.

The 29-year-old super model, TV presenter and ‘it girl’ is now using her beauty savvy in her role as creative consultant for the British makeup brand.

Eyeko was founded in 1999 by make-up artists and partners Max and Nina Leykind, and the iconic brand is used by stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Salma Hayek and Mad Men actress Jessica Pare.

Chung who took the role in August, created two new products and designed the packaging with her own handwriting and drawings.

Since Alexa is known for her signature cat eyes she obviously focused on the eyes, and came up with the Eye Do mascara and liquid eyeliner.

The Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner is waterproof and opaque black, while the mascara is water resistant and packed with vitamins like A and E, and also keratin, ginkgo biloba and other botanical proteins which is supposed to promote lash growth.

Talking about the mascara she said, "Creating a water resistant mascara was important for me because it's almost always raining wherever I am! Also I apply make-up in the morning and hope it lasts all day and all night. I'm fairly lazy when it comes to reapplying, so a lasting mascara that was cry and sweat-proof was a must for me."

Liquid liner is my saviour,' Alexa Chung told WWD. 'Other people like other things to feel like they look normal, but for me, I'm pretty much naked without my eyeliner on. It's my comfort blanket, and Eyeko's eyeliner is the best in the business.

"I think it's very easy to apply because it's similar to a felt tip pen and is easy to travel with so you can take it on the plane or for sleepovers in your bag."

Alexa Chung for Eyeko limited-edition gift set also contains a guitar-shaped tool to help prevent smudging and an Alexa poster and will be available from November 14 exclusively on eyeko.com and at London’s Selfridges on Oxford Street.

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