Aldi women are going nuts for new 'miracle' cream

It's that time of year again - where we're ordered to bin every last pot of moisturiser, as THIS TIME boffins have discovered the cream to end all creams, the one that will stop wrinkles in their pesky little tracks. Usually the wonder potion is filled with extract of pearl or gold and costs the same as our monthly tube ticket, but still, like hopeful lemmings, out we trot (do lemmings trot?) to faithfully purchase the cream.

But this time, the miracle face cream comes from Aldi and costs and whopping 349 pence, yep, £3.49, brilliant! Hang on a tick though, as per usual, the great British public have gone insane, bought up all the stocks, and they're now changing hands for £75 a go, on eBay. Great. Still, if you do manage to get your hands on a pot, there'll be two reasons to be smug - no wrinkles, and enough dosh to still travel around town. Life is so unfair sometimes...

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