A model performance

With Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely breaking into the world of acting with her performance in the Transformers movies, it seems models are now relying on more than just their looks to make it to the upper eschelons of fame and fortune.

New York Fashion magazine reveals that Henry Holland cohort and crop-haired style icon Agyness Deyn recently auditioned for a part in a new Danish film called 'Pusher', based on the life of a drug-dealer called Frank. The film will be directed by Luise Preito and most of the shooting will be carried out in the Shoreditch area of London.

'According to British Vogue, Preito had no idea who Agyness Deyn was when she tried out for the role and cast her simply based on her 'impressive audition.''

With opinions being divided over whether models can tread the boards as well as actors and actresses, who are frequently chosen to the face of leading fashion and cosmetic brands, critics will be on the look out for any wooden acting or appearances reduced to cameos.

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