Choosing and buying an aftershave

Have you ever felt like you were in the dark when you go to purchase an aftershave? Fancy packaging and strong scents are confusing to say the least when trying to pick out an appropriate product. You wonder if this one will feel greasy or whether another product that smells great will sting. Take some of the guesswork out of choosing an aftershave by learning to shop, reading reviews and using price comparison websites.

Buying aftershaves

How to pick an aftershave

Shaving can take its toll out on a man’s skin. Decide what your skin type is like and what type of aftershave to shop for.

Many aftershaves contain high quantities of alcohol and these types will sting most men's faces. Alcohol in shaving products is used to help close pores on the face. A better alternative could be to choose one that contains a balm or lotion in addition to alcohol. These types are usually gentler on sensitive skin right after shaving.

It helps to determine what type of skin you have before selecting a product. For example, for men that have dry skin a product containing moisturisers would be most beneficial. If your skin type leans to the oily side a product containing drying ingredients might feel better to your skin.

Watch out for strong scents. Most men do prefer a sexy scent or a clean, fresh scent of some sort. Just make sure it is not overpowering when wearing it to the office or on a hot date.

Visit department stores that offer men's cologne and shaving products. You can check prices, smell products and try samples at some retail counters. Retail assistants can provide recommendations for skin types and lifestyles.


Take advantage of online reviews from average people just like you. You can read reviews about a variety of brands and thoughts of real people who purchased the product.

Review Centre publishes more than 85 reviews at reviewcentre.com/products788.html. This site includes customer reviews by brand and rates products from one to five stars. Read about brand names including Chanel, Armani, Calvin Klein and several others.

Read the good, bad and the ugly facts about aftershave products at the SkinStore.com. Each product lists an overall rating, the price and how easy it is to use. Find handy reviews at skinstore.com/men-face-after-shave-reviews.aspx.

Price comparison

Two UK websites offer sites to compare products and prices. Search for good deals from Price Runner at pricerunner.co.uk/sp/aftershave.html. The BigPerfume Shop not only carries perfumes, but also features comparison shopping on aftershave brands such as Lacoste, Escada, Gucci and Armani. Check pricing at bigperfumeshop.co.uk.

Quality products and prices

It is easy to focus on prices these days, but you really should look for quality products first and consider prices second. Choose a product that you like and feels good, but do not forget to think about other people around you. Do not stand out as the guy in the office with the tacky aftershave.

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