Adult movie stars bare it all... their flaws, without make-up

What would the world be without make-up artists? The same, as far as we, common people, are concerned, rather terrifying for many A-listers. Even the hottest celebrities have imperfections, blotchy skin, pimples, dark circles, no one is immune to flaws, not even the steamiest porn star.

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It is quite intimidating for standard women to watch an X-rated movie with their partner, as the leading ladies always look so impeccable and flawless in front of the cameras, but an award-winning make-up artist has spilled the beans about their real appearance, before their cosmetic routine.

Melissa "Makeup" Murphy has revealed the true colours of 93 adult-movie stars in order to show the world her magic touch when it comes to apply foundation, concealer and lip-stick. The girls in the pictures are portrayed before and after make-up and they look just like any of us, with the same skin problems, outbreaks, uneven tone and bags under their eyes.

When the make-up artist published the pics on her Twitter account many reached for the social network to praise her magnificent work and to support the women for showing their softer side to the public. Often porn stars are objectified for their dolled-up look made of hair extensions, fake nails, over-plumped lips and big mascara eyes. Seeing them posing with their bare faces show that, despite their status, they are as human as every one else.

You can fake perfection, too, with the right tools and cosmetics. For bigger eyes, apply a shimmery white pencil liner or eyeshadow around the inner corner, to trap the light and crimp your eyelashes before putting mascara on. For a blemish-free looking skin apply concealer on each imperfection with a bristle brush and then fix with powder or mineral foundation. To achieve fuller lips apply a nude coloured shimmer lip balm immediately above your upper-lip, it will create a plushy effect.

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