Adele: Proud Cover Girl

Whilst Anna Wintour may be having problems trying to convince Kate Middleton to appear on the cover of U.S Vogue, it’s a completely different story in the U.K with thrilled songstress-turned-cover girl Adele.

Adele is so proud of the fact that she featured on the cover of October 2011’s issue of Vogue that she is reported to have refused to autograph a copy of the magazine until she had retrieved the appropriate writing implement! According to Vogue.uk the full figured singer has been one of the magazine’s most popular and best-selling cover girls to date and it seems that Adele is equally chuffed with the feature.

Fan Jennifer Moses told the magazine: ‘I went to see Adele at the Hammersmith Apollo last week, and someone threw the latest copy of Vogue up [...] she just said that she wouldn't sign it with the crap pen they threw on and that she needed a sharpie and would get one when she went off for encore, which she did and then signed it.’ Bless her! Not one to let the fans down then.

The issue, currently on sale for just 5 more days features Adele in a series of glamorous/retro pictures wearing a custom made dress designed by Burberry, with hair by Label M and hair by Tom Ford. The article ‘The English Women Now’ shows the singer’s take on British style icons such as Vivenne Westwood but, she assures us, she won’t ever be one of those artists who become the face of a fashion label. It’s all about the music - but the odd appearance on the front cover of Vogue is still a nice sideline, eh?

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