How to remove acrylic nails safely at home

Acrylic nails designs are always catchy and fascinating and a beautiful, personalized manicure is always an highlight in anyone's style. But every visit to the salon weights more and more on our pockets, and sometimes, let's face it, having to spend money just to have the fake nails removed can be quite annoying, especially if we're not planning to have them done again for a while. The thing is that these kind of manicure do require a specialist service for their removal. However, since more more people are looking at alternative, diy ways to do it, and since a lot of dangerous pseudo-advice is going on around the web, we think it would be better to provide an easy guide to how to remove acrylic nails safely, when you need, in the comfort of your home.

Be gentle to your nails

Firstthing to check is: are your hands and cuticles generally healthy? If they are, then the following procedure may be completely safe and pain free. Otherwise, we would not recommend it on broken cuticles and extra dry skin. This is because the substance we're going to useis a very strong chemical and may burn and sting. But don't get alarmed: it's a chemical solution we normally associate with and use on our nails!

We're talking about acetone, of course. Acetone is the one thing they recommend us to stay away from while wearing acrylic nails, as it is perfectly able to melt down the nails as well as their polish. It makes completely sense then to think of it as the major ingredient in our removal recipe. As with all things done well, this will be a lengthy procedure but remember: there is no other safe way to remove fake nails that doesn't employ lots of time and patience.

What you need to do is fill a small bowl with enough acetone to cover your finger tips. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly on your hands and all around the nails, but not right on them. Pay particular attention to the cuticles. You are now ready to submerge your nails in the acetone bath, and leave them to soak for 10 minutes. After the acetone soak, use a clean, dry towel, to gently wipe the nail so to remove any melted acrylic paste. Move the towel from the roots outward, very gently, without pressing. Remember that the nailbed is already well stressed after wearing the fake nails! There will probably be remaining layers of acrylic at this stage, so dip your fingers back in the acetone bath and soak for 10 more minutes.

Repeat the wiping with the towel, and be prepared to have another round. In case any stubborn bit remains stuck on the nail bed, better not try any aggressive way to remove it. Instead, allow the nails to air dry naturally, then try gently filing down any bits and pieces leftover. Remember, slowly and without pressing on the nail bed. If after the buffing the stubborn piece is still there, best thing to do is to leave it where it is, as the nail will eventually grow long enough for it to be cut away. Any scraping or harsh removing, at any stage, should be discouraged.

For healthy looking nails

Now that you have removed the acrylic nails, you have a chance to let your real ones breathe and recover from the stress of wearing the acrylic glue for so long. Try pampering your hands and nails with a pure olive oil mask, for instance, or find more top tips for healthy and naturally beautiful hand and nails at this link.

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