A Place In The Sun

Ever secretly smirk at reality relocation shows? The type where everyday Brits decide to sell the family home and pitch up on foreign shores sans money, sans language...sans a plan, and then wonder why it all goes wrong? Yes, we know you do. We do too. But, ever noticed how many of these people, when it all goes down the pan, decide to pack it all in and head back to UK shores? In a nutshell, not very many.

In 2007 alone more than 250,000 Brits said goodbye to the eternal drizzle, high cost of living and work to live culture of the UK, in search of the good life in the sun. Top destinations include Spain, France, Australia and New Zealand.  No surprises there then.

So why have we become a nation of deserters? Hmm,life abroad… and that would consist of? Year round sunshine. Food fit for kings. Whitewashed haciendas by the sea. An inspired ‘mañana mañana' attitude to the great work-life balance conundrum. No more slaving away in dreary UK offices with only the rain splashing down outside for company. Not to mention job opportunities in places like Oz and New Zealand where skilled labour is in short supply and well salaried careers  ripe for the picking. No wonder the think tanks show the diaspora of Brits worldwide to be one of the highest – rivaled only by the India and China.  

Don’t know about you, but here at StyledLife we’re convinced. So tootle pip and thanks for dropping by. Next time you hear from us we’ll be sipping mojitos under a gentle swaying palm in the Med. Ahh, we can but dream.

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