A pick of our favourite lippy

Make a statement this summer with the right lipstick.

Coral Lipstick

Perfect for blondes, a coral coloured lipstick can rejuvenate pasty skin tones. Apply it in the centre of your lips and use a brush to move towards the outer part of your lips.

Nude Understatement

For a natural-chic look, a nude lipstick looks great on brunettes. It's alluring and it's perfect for women who want to give definition to a small mouth. Apply it by lining the outer part of your lips and then mix it into the middle.

Cherry Rose

Of all the red lipstick shades, cherry red is the freshest colour for summer days. It'll freshen up dull skin tones on brunettes, and is an elegant addition to any outfit. Outline your lips with a liner pencil and then colour your lips from the middle outwards. Check out Yves Saint Laurent collection.


A pink lipstick will lighten up your face immediately. For a more romantic look choose a satin version of the lippy (L'Oreal and Shiseido do great versions) or if you want to plump up your lips, add a clear gloss over the top. Dior has a great selection.

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