A guide to safe purchase of the pink GHD

The GHD pink hair straightener is just one product in the acclaimed GHD product line. If your hair is extremely curly or wavy, you know it is quite difficult to find a proper straightener that does the job and does it well. Be careful of making a purchase online, though. Convincing testimonials and well-photographed auctions can all have the effect of presenting a very real and believable product.

You must be diligent to be sure you won't become a victim of a scam. The pink GHD is very popular and in high demand. The Internet in the UK is awash with fakes. Your best course of action is to go directly to the official GHD website at www.ghdhair.com where they've set up a fake site detector. Simply copy and paste the retailer's URL into the the website checker and you'll quickly discover if it's an authentic seller or not.

The Daily Mail has reported in the past that that scam websites are abundant, so buyer beware. Comparison site Compare-GHD.com offers buyers a safe way to compare prices between authentic retailers, reducing the risk that one might lose money by purchasing a fake.

The newest addition to the GHD pink family is the Pink Orchid, a lovely shade dark pink bordering on purple. This is a limited addition product that is actually the GHD gold style, but with the colourful plates. This new addition stays cooler to the touch and is lighter than previous models. This model is currently available at the official GHD website at £129 with free next day delivery within the UK.

If you prefer to purchase an earlier model, such as the GHD pink 2009, you can find several models at outlets such as Amazon.com. The lovely original Pink Ceramic hair iron can be had for a mere £79.92 and comes with a free curling wand as an added extra.

Wherever you decide to purchase your hair straightening iron, be aware and be smart.

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