A fashion insider's guide to holiday packing

If you're going to take holiday packing tips from anyone, it might as well be fashion maven Anna Dello Russo. Anna is one of those slightly insane 'it' girls that the Italians excel in. And luckily for us Dello Russo has given us her holiday fashion commandments, written in a pretty eccentric caps lock heavy style. Brilliant.

Anna told Vogue, 'The suitcase must be LIGHT as a feather, it's forbidden to pay OVERWEIGHT! It's the only time of year that you can take a holiday from fashion.'

Other key advice includes, 'Complete your looks with LOCAL shoes, accessories, jewelry, hats that you can buy in the place.

 FLIRT with the mood of the country: Be EXOTIC if you going to Amazon, 
Be ETHNIC if you going to Anatolia,
 Be MEDITERRANEAN if you going to Cartagena. It's time to pull out the FLAT-SOFT-SHOPPING-CASE that you packed in your suitcase!'

Phew - we feel exhausted just reading the packing commandments. What are your holiday fashion top tips?

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