5 best winter perfumes

Winter perfumes demand more complexity and depth than their summer equivalents. Think of it as an extra layer of clothing to keep out the icy wind. You want a perfume that will evoke long walks in the snow, through wintry forests, or warm evenings languishing in front of a blazing log-fire.

This is the time of year to seek out the richer fragrances, and enjoy their warming luxury. Our winter perfumes selection offers some guidance to what you should look for.

1. L’Instant De Guerlain is sweetness overlaid with floral prettiness. Its rich honey fragrance might be described as the perfume equivalent of comfort food, heady and intoxicating.

2. J’Adore Dior has a base note of aromatic wood, with elements of rich spicy berries and exotic orchids. It has an easy, sophisticated European elegance that is perfect for those winter dinner-parties.

3. Dior Addict whisks you off to Madagascar for a winter break in the sunshine. The sweet, tropical fragrances of vanilla and sandalwood have hints of a men's cologne, but they are softened by hints of rose and orange blossom for a complex combination.

4. In Bloom by Reece Witherspoon has a fresh outdoorsy feel, all gardenias, magnolias and peaches. It's smart and subtle, and great for those winter walks by the coast.

5. Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci is spicy and sensual, with hints of Asia in its fragrances of bergamot and rose. It’s distinctly warming and seductive, suitable for long afternoons indoors watching the rain hammering on the windows.

Are you buying winter perfumes as gifts? A bottle of perfume can make a fantastic present, but it's also easy to go wrong. Its therefore a good idea to do a little snooping! Complement them on their perfume and ask what it is they are wearing. Perfume counter staff (and a number of websites) will be able to recommend similar fragrances.

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