6 best luxury lip balms

Although we all know the important of facial skin care, it's all too easy to neglect our lips. However, the skin on our lips is actually incredibly delicate, and needs adequate protection and care from sunlight, the cold and pollutants. Check out these amazing luxury lip balms for some lip-inspiration!

1. Sara Happ's The Lip Slip: This luxury lip product is smooth and creamy. It glides on to leave your lips feeling hydrated for hours. For a double lip treat, apply it just after exfoliating - it will sink into lips leaving them super soft. £17.50 for the jar and worth every penny!

2. Julie Hewett's Camellia Lip Balm: If you don’t like thick, heavy luxury lip balms try this light-textured potion. It can even be used on the face. Good value at £7.99.

3. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip: This is a cult product for a reason! It smells delicious - like roses and green tomatoes - and glides on to leave your lips silky smooth for eight hours. From £8.

4. Too Faced Love Lisa: This super cute balm comes with a removable bell charm. The product doesn't disappoint either - it protects against sun damage and offers soothing orange oil for dry and cracked lips. Order online from £11.75.

5. LuLu Organics Ruby Lip Balm: Combining spearmint and peppermint with a touch of pink, this delicious lip balm will add a flush and tingle to your pout! Great value at £8.50, considering all ingredients are organically sourced.

6. Creme de la Mer Lip Balm: The price tag may be a little steep - £40! - but this patented formula is a hit with celebrities for a reason. It works to renew, heal and soften lips. Go on, treat yourself!

Have we left any out? What are your favourite luxury lip balms?

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