80 s fancy dress plus size - you have all you need at home!

80 's fancy dress plus size, these ideas can be all yours!

The eighties were a time in which basically anything went! Remember that this is the Madonna era which meant wearing a whole lot of nothing but an abundance of neon bracelets, beads and fingerless gloves!

The big musical influences of the eighties were Madonna, The Cure and Boy George! The fashion tended towards the loudly colourful and that was also the same when it came to hair and make up. If you're thinking of putting together an eighties costume the first place you visit is the local joke or party shop! You can get all kinds of retro wigs there and a lot of these shops stock Stargazer false eyelashes and day glo make up!

Costumes are relatively simple to throw together without incurring large expense. A lot of items you may already have or they can be got in stores like Penneys. For a quick eighties feel, add leg warmers over leggings and a skinny tie over a baggy shirt.

Accessories can be kept simple, badges, fingerless gloves ( Claires accessories stock a wide range of these in many colours) and beads bought in any 2 euro shop!

If you decide against wearing a crazy neon wig, simply backcomb your hair wildly and hold it in place with hairspray! The 80's were all about perms and bodywaves so create an unruly frizz with your trusty GHD! Once your outfit is bright and your jewellery is huge and plastic, then you're once again a child of the eighties!

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