70s fancy dress plus size - its all about the flower power!

70s fancy dress plus size is all about channelling flower power! The most popular 70s costumes will be a mixture of Abba and flower power creations.

The 70s were the hippy era with CND logos and flowing hair being the order of the day. While 70s costumes are available to buy or even to rent, putting together one of your own is equally simple.

Flowing maxi skirts or flares, teamed with voluminous flowing tops and sandals or bare feet is the basic composite.  A visit to your local charity shop could yield excellent results when it comes to finding vintage clothes that you can customise to your own requirements. Creating your own costume eliminates the possibility of someone else turning up to the event in exactly the same as you!

Hair is equally simple to recreate... if you're not the proud owner of flowing locks then buy a long straight hippy chick wig either online or from your local costume/joke shop.

When it comes to make up, think dreamy... very light pink on the lips and a hint of blue eye shadow, nothing overdone, and Claires Accessories stock a wide range of stick on gems that can be put high on the cheekbones or over the eyes. They also stock plastic bangles and a selection of chains and beads which can be layered over any outfit that you choose. If you want to add authenticity, plastic flowers and a rope headband, also available from Claires,  will make you look ready for Woodstock!

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