Popular 50s hair

The 1950s saw a lot of changes in fashion and more hair salons arrive on the beauty scene. 50s hair is thought of as stylish and elegant, gaining popularity in a time where poodle skirts gained prominence and sack dresses were worn with confidence. 50s hairstyles became so popular, in fact, that they are still used today to recapture the essence of the 50s.

Types of 50s hair

50s hair was generally romantic, stylish and natural. In 1940s women normally wore practical hairstyles because of the tough war period; however, after the war ended, the 1950s saw a boom of elegant and glamorous hairstyles.

Poodle cut

One popular 50s hair worn was the poodle cut, which framed the face but gave a feminine touch at the same time. This required a lot of detailed styling but was one of the most prominent styles of the era.


The bouffant was another popular 50s hair, similar to the poodle cut but with less styling and without curls on either side. The bouffant normally consisted of waves from the crown area and, of course, a gracious amount of hairspray to keep the style. Younger women were particularly fond of this style and combined it with hoops, flared and tight skirts.


Although not an actual hairstyle, the use of scarves over the hair became more popular during the 1950s. Women normally curled, pinned it back or scrunched it into a bun, and wore a stylish scarf in their hair.


The beehive hairstyle was another popular 50s hair which, again, required a lot of hairspray and upkeep. The beehive hairstyle is often referred to as an "up-do" and required wet hair rollers, hair-dryers and products to keep the hair up.

50s hair for men

50s hair wasn't limited to women. The 50s also saw a boom of different styles for men, as well, which included the 'Elvis' look which utilised sideburns and the classic 'greaser' quiff. Other popular styles for men were the ducktail style which consisted of applying grease to the hair and combing it back in a fashion were a 'duck butt' seemed to be created at the back of the head.

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