5 of the most creative Mother's Day gifts ever

Stuck for gift ideas this Mother's Day? Being the altruistic folk that we are here at StyledLife, we've come up with 5 cunning and creative gifts to wow your old girl with this Mother's Day.

1) Does your poor mum struggle to carry lots of shopping bags all in one go? Then a Totasak could be just the ticket. It looks a bit like a knuckle duster, but when this handy device is clipped to the top of multiple shopping bags, staggering back from the supermarket with the weekly shop will never be so easy. No more moaning about cheap placky bags tearing for mum!

2)Chocolates. Big fat boring cop out. Plus with everyone else stuffing their porky digits in the box, Mum rarely gets a look in. We've found a tremendous gift of the chocolate variety, which is bound to keep the old girl snuggly as toast on those long winter nights. The Chocolate Slanket This beauty of an all in one blanket-suit comes in a variety of yummy colours ranging from peanut to caramel to chocolate. Make it your mum's signature piece of 2008.

3) Want to treat your mum to a horticultural gift this Mother's Day but don't know what? Why not treat the old dear to a personalised Magic Bean. The perfect Mother's Day present, these mini bean stalks are easy to grow, sprouting within days to reveal a cute message with every new leaf that'll keep mum smiling for weeks after. A greenfingered gift "that just keeps on giving."

4) Have your mum's slippers seen better days? Been worn down to a hole from all that walking around after you? Then a nice set of Duvet Slippers are just the ticket. Slipper boots stuffed with duvet lining are the perfect accompaniment to The Slanket and will ensure your mum doesn't catch a chill next time she forgets to take her slippers of when she goes to the supermarket.

5) Is your mum just about sick of tripping over your empty beer cans when she's clearing up after you? Then why not treat her to a 6 set of glow in the dark beer mugs. Next time a light bulb goes and mum has trouble locating your beer mugs for a top up - they'll be clear as day.

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