2013 Spring/Summer makeup trends

What type of makeup will we be wearing in 2013? Looking at the makeup that the models wore during the 2013 Spring /Summer fashions shows, it seems pretty easy to spot the trendiest colors for the upcoming season and there's something for every personality and all types of skin tones, so let's see what this year is offering.

Let's start our makeup journey first focusing on the lips, that shine with tones of the very classic and timeless red lipstick in all its hues, from pinky-red to the dark and dramatic black cherry, that will veer towards plum, that supposedly will reign unchallenged this fall and winter.

If you want to follow the barely stained lips that certain fashion designers brought to the runway, try pale apricot or pink that gives lips a very natural effect or keeping it to the basics, shiny transparent or slightly pink lip gloss that gives everyone a natural look and is perfect for every occasion .

Smokey and smouldering eyes will continue to rule and always be perfect for lighter complexions and recreated in the classic shade of black or you can try the newest variation, using blue eye shadow and eye liner with blues ranging from bright aqua to dark sapphire.

There's even the possibility of adopting an even more eccentric look, thanks to the wide range of neon colored eyeliners that go from green to electric blue that will be very in this spring. Obviously it's up to you to try to make them adaptable to everyday life, without going overboard, but we really prefer the basic black to follow last year’s cat-eye trend which is still going strong, or you can use even white eyeline, which is so cool looking and almost defines the eye more than black, especially at the inner corner.

Eye shadows: the colors to prefer are pastel. From pink to apricot and yes, even orange and yellow. Blush has become more evanescent in a very pale, natural pink and to be lightly swept across the cheekbones.

Big and bold eyebrowsare back and we can thank Cara Delevingne for that, so remember to brush the brow hairs downwards which accents the natural shape, then fill in sparse areas with a pencil, using short, feathery strokes to shape and contour your brows.

What do you think of this spring’s new make-up trends?

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